Redundancy can be a daunting prospect for a company which has a reduced workload and equally for an employee who is notified that their job is at risk of redundancy.

Employers need to ensure that there is a genuine redundancy situation, that they follow correct procedures and apply them fairly.

Employees have a number of rights in a redundancy situation, such as entitlement to a statutory redundancy payment. An employee may also be able to challenge the termination of their employment as an unfair dismissal. If you are an employee please click here for further information about your rights.

Employers need to know:

  • What is a redundancy situation?
  • How should the company deal fairly with redundancy dismissals to minimise the risk of unfair dismissal claims?
  • When is an employee entitled to a statutory or contractual redundancy payment?
  • What are the alternatives to redundancy, including pay reductions, lay off and short-time working?

If you are an Employer please click here for further information about making redundancies.