Unfair Dismissal Claims. Advice for Employers

How can I protect my business from unfair dismissal claims?

As an employer it is essential you ensure that when taking the decision to dismiss an employee, that there is a fair reason to dismiss and that you have carried out a fair process before deciding to dismiss. There are five potentially fair reasons to dismiss an employee:

  • capability or qualifications
  • conduct
  • redundancy
  • a statutory requirement (e.g. holding a driving licence)
  • some other substantial reason

Tribunal claims for unfair dismissal can be protracted, stressful and take up a lot of management time, meaning that your focus will not be on your business. If the claim is successful this can result in costly awards against employers.

If you have an issue with an employee that may warrant dismissal speak to us first. We offer a free initial call where we can discuss the issues you are having with your employee. Then should you need further help we can meet and discuss the issues you are having and advise you how best to proceed.

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