Managing Sickness Absence

It is a fact of working life that employees will be absent with sickness from time to time, however when absence is not due to genuine sickness or it is prolonged, it can be a difficult situation to manage, both for other employees who are covering the workload of the missing employee and also financially for the company.

In such situations it is essential to ensure that sickness absence is managed fairly and sensitively, thus ensuring that you do not discriminate against an employee who is absent because of a disability related reason.

We are skilled at advising business managers and owners how to manage sickness absence, both in relation to long term absence and also in relation to repeated short term absences. We will work alongside you to guide you through a fair capability process and the steps you need to follow when dealing fairly with sickness absence management.

If you have an employee whose sickness absence is becoming problematic for your business and you need guidance as to how to deal with the issues, contact us today to ensure your business is protected against the risk of litigation.

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