In-house employment lawyer

Working By Your Side

As an employer the risk and cost of employment litigation is always at the back of your mind. For many businesses employment claims come completely out of the blue and as employees are often covered by home insurance policies, it seems they can afford to take a chance. So why should you be exposed to that risk and cost?

Our in-house employment lawyer service is designed specifically to protect you and your business. For a small monthly cost we will work alongside you and your business. At the outset we will review all your documentation to ensure everything is up to date and compliant with current employment legislation. We will then be available when you need us, to work with you, with around the clock support, providing expert advice and guiding you through employment issues as they arise.

Key benefits of having your own in-house employment lawyer from Baileyfields

  • Proactive protection in the form of a full contract and policies drafted specifically to suit your company.
  • Around the clock expertise, so that any decisions you make with your workforce are always backed up by your in house employment lawyer.
  • Face to face meetings when needed so you can discuss any issues you have with your in house employment solicitor for bespoke, tailored advice.
  • Regular updates on employment law changes to legislation that directly impact your  business.
  • Discounted On-Site Training for your HR managers on employment law and HR related topics.

We understand the upset employment disputes cause, the associated time, costs, reputational damage and loss of staff morale are all too real for employers, so our aim is not just to represent you at tribunals, but to minimise the risk of disputes altogether.

Our specialist employment solicitors will make sure you are thoroughly protected from day one and every day hence forth. We understand the day to day pressures you face running your business, so let our in house employment lawyer, deal with all your employment law issues, while you focus on your business.

What our Clients say

We have always got on very well with our staff so it came completely out of the blue when a valued employee resigned and brought a claim in an Employment Tribunal. We could not believe that although the claim had no merit, we were still forced to defend it and pay literally thousands in legal fees.Having learnt an expensive lesson, we now have protection from Baileyfields. For a monthly fee we can be assured that all our staff have contracts of employment that are up to date and that any questions we may have at any time go direct to an employment solicitor.

Mark Giles, Abby Couriers