Employment Tribunal Advice & Support

If you have an employment law issue which cannot be resolved with your employer you may need to take the matter to an Employment Tribunal.

Employment Tribunals make judgements on employment law disputes in England and Wales, ranging from:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Breach of contract
  • Issues regarding equal pay
  • Discrimination (race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief or physical or mental disability)
  • Whistleblowing

As employment law specialists our solicitors can advise you, whatever stage of the process you have reached, providing expert advice and guidance as to your next steps.

  • If you have experienced unfair treatment, we can advise you with regard to raising a grievance
  • If all efforts to resolve the situation have been unsuccessful, then we can contact ACAS, on your behalf to begin the conciliation process.
  • Finally if ACAS conciliation has been unsuccessful we can advise you and represent you in relation to an Employment Tribunal claim.

Call us today to discuss your matter with one of our specialist solicitors and find out how we can help. Your first advice call is free of charge and we will be able to provide initial advice as to your chances of success and also discuss likely costs.