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Unfair Dismissal Advice for Employees

If you feel your employer terminated your employment unfairly, either because the reasons for dismissal were unfair, or because the process they followed was unfair, you may have been unfairly dismissed and could be entitled to compensation at an Employment Tribunal.

We offer a free initial advice call to employees who feel they could be victims of unfair dismissal. Our specialist solicitors are skilled in advising employees and can discuss the circumstances of your dismissal and procedure followed to ascertain fairness. Call us on the numbers above to discuss or fill out our call back form and we will call you at a time that is convenient.

What our clients say…

I was a senior manager with a major British construction company for 19½ years when I was summarily dismissed for gross misconduct with the charges against me being bullying and harassment. The allegations made against me were in my opinion unsubstantiated. The company HR department and the disciplinary panels did not carry out any investigations on my behalf into the allegations made against me. I went to the citizens advice bureau, which to be frank was a waste of time, so I contacted Baileyfields solicitors. Although time was short if I was going to tribunal I was called by Ms Natalie Kedge at 7 o’clock in the evening and she stated that after reading my notes that the company in her opinion had a case to answer and a meeting was arranged for the following day.

Ms Kedge was the first person during this whole sorry episode to give me words of support. On the second morning of the tribunal the company agreed not to contest the unfair dismissal and I was awarded £70k in compensation. I would have received nothing without the excellent work carried out on my behalf by Baileyfields and cannot thank them enough for the professionalism, support and encouragement accorded to me during what was a very traumatic time.

Mr C M McAllister

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