The Apprentice

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A review of Apprenticeships has been carried out by former Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Doug Richard; it concluded that Apprenticeships should be more focused on the needs of employers as some businesses find they are not tailored enough to their requirements, with many businesses citing this as the main barrier to taking on an Apprentice.

The government’s response sets out its plan to raise standards, overhaul qualifications, assessment and delivery, and place Apprenticeships firmly in the driving seat of employers. The end result will enable any business to design the Apprenticeships that meet the requirements of their own business – working with training providers to give Apprentices the skills they need to do the job, in the office or on the factory floor.
The government’s plans include:

  • employers putting recognised and meaningful industry standards at the heart of every Apprenticeship. This will help employers who say Apprenticeships are not sufficiently tailored to their needs, or relevant to their sector, acting as the biggest barrier to hiring an Apprentice;
  • every Apprenticeship should be targeted at a skilled job, involving substantial new learning that will provide the foundations for a career and a springboard for progression;
  • Apprenticeships should be focused on the outcome: clearly setting out what Apprentices should know and be able to do at the end of their Apprenticeship;
  • Apprenticeships will move to a final holistic test which has the full confidence of employers;
  • all Apprentices will work towards a level 2 qualification either through GCSEs or functional skills in English and Maths, from August 2014, if they have not already achieved this.

The government has invited contributions from anyone who is interested in the future of Apprenticeships by 22 May 2013. Responses will be considered over the summer and a future approach and implementation plan will be disclosed in autumn 2013.